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Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Personalize your website and campaigns, and address the right visitors
at the right time with offers, that will engage them.

How does Persoo work?

Persoo tracks information of visitors and automatically creates Visitor Profiles. Then it displays relevant personalized offers and triggers marketing actions, that support sales.

Identifies visitors

Tracks data on visitors and creates detailed visitor profiles that contain visit and transaction history, browsing history, interest in certain products or categories, demographic data, events, segments and other related data.

Intelligently decides

Persoo decides about the best offer for each specific visitor. It can select the right product, argument or an ad and find the right moment, when to show this information and influence the transaction.

Actively sells

Modifies page’s content in real time, displays targeted ads, sends e-mails, triggers chat, helps with finding favorite products and sends key information to the call center.

What will Persoo bring you?

Persoo increases the conversion rate and revenue and more.
It brings comfort when shopping, saves time and communicates.
Satisfied visitors will happily return again.

Higher conversions and revenue

Persoo increases conversion rate by up to 30%, CTR up to 12 times, e-mail effectiveness by up to 80% and the average order value by up to 40%.

Marketing automatization

Automates processes and triggers targeted and effective actions, that you couldn’t do until now. Works 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Intelligent e-mails

Enriches your customer database and sends e-mails with the right content at the right time.

Real-time online marketing

Persoo works with the customers real-time, when it’s easily possible to influence their behavior and decisions.

Proactive offers

Actively evaluates the visitor and the situation, and modifies the offer to engage and lead to a conversion.

User experience

Makes shopping a pleasant experience and well invested time thanks to the combination of personalizing features.

Customer satisfaction

Displaying relevant information and right offers brings the visitor higher feeling of comfort and care, which leads to higher preference of the e-shop.

Better navigation

Highlighting items, favorite menus and navigation boxes help the visitors to navigate, shop or return to previous points of their browsing.

Prevents customer loss

Thanks to a regular and well-targeted e-mailing, Persoo maintains contact with the customers and helps them to return to the store and view current offers or news, that they’re interested in.


„We appreaciate the demonstrably positive influence on the increase of the cross-sell and the overall shop revenue. The CTR of the boxes on the Homepage brought a not negligible increase of the metrics compared to the previous solution thanks to a better personalization. Also because of that, we placed Persoo boxes into more locations in the e-shop, which leads to an increase of the total conversion rate.“

Robert Zelenka,

„I admit, I was surprised by the benefits of personalization. Now I feel that our site has gotten to a completely new level. And not only when talking hard numbers, but also in the total value to the users. I also praise the flexible approach, thanks to which we could realize features specific to our segment.“

Vojtěch Schlesinger,

„We solved our problem with the on-site search thanks to the cooperation with Persoo. We successfully integrated widgets for cross-sell and upsell and noticeably the shop’s performance and improved the shopping experience of the customers. We appreciate the quick responses of Persoo to our demands and value their own suggestions for improvements, which positively influence our business and bring higher comfort to our customers. In regard to the positive experiences, we intend to continue the cooperation and we can fully recommend Persoo.“

Radim Malchárek,

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