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Case study

Case Study

One of the strongest players on the local market wanted to improve it’s UX and increase revenue.

And the result?

  • The personalizations helped significantly. The box on HP has increased CTR by 95%.
  • The boxes with recommendations on the Product Detail page increase the revenue by 5.1%. The average order value has increased thanks to these boxes by 8.2%.
  • The prebasket cross-sell alone helped to increase the revenue by 5.6%, mainly thanks to higher CR (+6%).
  • The total revenue increased by 5.3%.


Persoo OFF

  • The HP contained manually set bestsellers and news.

Persoo ON

  • When we replaced the boxes with content relevant to the visitors, the CTR almost doubled (+95%).

Product detail

Persoo OFF

  • The product detail contained manually filled recommendations.

Persoo ON

  • We placed two boxes at the bottom of the product detail page. One was “Others viewed also”, containing alternatives, the other ones “Related products”, that contained cross-sell.
  • After isolated testing of these boxes, they’ve shown an increase of 8.2% in Average order value and 5.1% in Revenue.


Persoo OFF

  • The prebasket contained manully selected products.

Persoo ON

  • The prebasket contained cross-sell of related products.
  • The isolated test of this box has shown an increase of  5.6% in Revenue.
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