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Case study

Case Study sells electronics, PCs, home appliances, gardening tools and many other products. The goal of Persoo was simple, but not easy. It was to increase the revenue, and make the shopping simpler.

The result

  • Personalized variant of the web is much more productive, and changed the visitor behavior significantly. The visitor stay longer on the web, see more pages, and most importantly, return more often. We have recorded 73% increase in the returning visitors.
  • The revenue improved by 14%, number of transactions by 21% and conversion rate by 2,4%
  • Assisted conversions reached half of the e-shop’s revenue.


Persoo OFF

On HP were shown only manually configured products.

Persoo ON

We’ve placed two lines on products on the HP, one configured by the e-shop’s staff, the other filled by Persoo personalization algorithms.

CTR increased by 250%

Product sections and categories

Persoo OFF (for the section)

The sections had manually configured products without any relevance to the visitor.

Persoo ON (for the section)

The recommendation box contained similar products like on the HP, but only from the current category.

The CTR increased by 22%.


Product detail

Persoo OFF

The detail contained default product recommendations.

Persoo ON

We’ve placed three boxes on the product detail page. One was “Other viewed also”, which contained alternatives. The other one was “Related products” with cross-sell items, and the third one was “Last viewed”. The total CTR increased by 31%.


Persoo OFF

There was no recommendation in the prebasked, what a shame.

Persoo ON

We’ve placed cross-sell products in the prebasket window. Because there was no original version, we could not compare the performance of personalized recommendations.

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