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Case Study

Case Study

Incredible 34% increase in revenue! sells local and international trips and vacations.
The target was to improve revenue as much as possible.
We tried to figure out what places of the website are confusing and which locations could offer more relevant recommendations.
You can see the ajdusments done by Persoo below.

Many visitors were confused on the site, browsing for a long time through destinations and trips that did not engage them. By directing visitors towards their preferred trip, we helped them move through the transaction funnel much more quickly. – Client’s statement

„I admit I was surprised by the added value of personalization. Now I feel, that the website is on whole another level. And I’m not speaking only about absolute numbers, but also about the added value for the visitor. I also praise the flexible approach of Persoo, thanks to which we could implement details specific to our industry.“

Vojtěch Schlesinger,

Home page

Persoo ON

The homepage got a General Personalized Recommendation and Last Viewed trips.

Trip category

Persoo ON

The category page got a line of trips selected according to the user’s preferences (price, current or historical affinities to destinations, etc.).

Trip detail

Persoo ON

The detail page got boxes with alternative offers.

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