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Personalize Your Communication

Increase revenue through smart content.
Decide what, where, when and to whom to show.

Display targeted marketing message anywhere on the website.
Set it up yourself.

  • React to visitor’s behavior in real-time.
  • Motivate to e.g. giving you an e-mail
  • Display product relevant to the visitor’s behavior
  • Deliver a message to a specific segment of visitors
  • Lower the website abandonment rate – show time-limited offers in the moment the visitor is about to exit the website
  • Promote special offers, e.g. for a specific category, seasonal sale, new arrivals etc.
  • + any other message, that you need

Marketing needs

Choose your goals and the way towards it

Targeted message

Deliver a relevant message dependent on the previous behavior, segment or page context.

Exit intent message

Shows up when the visitor tries to leave the page (exits the page area with the mouse cursor).

Obtaining an e-mail address

Ask for an e-mail address so you can keep in touch with your visitors.

On-site remarketing

Remind the visitor what were the last products he saw.

Web Widget types

Choose from ready-made templates or create your own


A box above the page’s content with rich visual options and effects (position, sizes, animations, colors, backgrounds, borders, shadows, fonts, closing options, etc). It can contain:

  • Banner/picture
  • Text message with call to action
  • E-mail address form
  • Discount code
  • Simple questionnaire
  • Custom HTML


Click following buttons to preview demo pop-ups. (Some will by design not display on mobile devices.)

Full Overlay Popup   with impressive design.

Standard Pop-up  Sufficient in most cases

Non-blocking Corner Pop-up  as a great option for non-invasive messages.

Use cases

Example 1:

  • Goal: Increase the average order value
  • What: Motivation for adding more products to the basket – calculates missing amount for free shipping
  • Where: Anywhere on the website
  • To whom: Anyone that has something in the basket, but where the total basket value is less than X (and higher than Y)
  • When: During the whole session

Example 2:

  • Goal: Building a customer database
  • What: Motivation to leave an e-mail, e.g. a discount code
  • Where: Anywhere on the website
  • To whom: Everyone who is not identified (did not complete an order or the e-mail form…)
  • When: Shortly after arrival to the website, once per visit, max. once per week.

Example 3:

  • Goal: Increase the conversion rate
  • What: Displaying relevant news
  • Where: Anywhere on the website
  • To whom: To the visitors, who have shown interest in the particular brands (e.g. prefer Apple)
  • When: Shortly after arrival to the website, once per visit, max. once per week.

Banner in a page

Show each visitor a tailored content.

Create a location in the page, where you insert multiple variants of the content. It will display depending on the context, or it can rotate automatically.

Use cases

  • What Offer of additional service to what the customer bought (e.g. a mobile data plan to the tablet)
  • Where: Main banner of the homepage
  • To whom: Everyone who have bought an LTE tablet in the last month but did not buy a data plan
banner schema


One-line bar at the top or bottom of the page. Short, non-invasive message that fit’s into the design of any website.


Click following buttons to preview demo infobars.

Top infobar   which pushes page content

Overlay infobar   is a great alternative to pop-ups on mobile devices.

Use cases

  • What: Notification about an opening hours change during holidays
  • Where: All pages, top of the page
  • To whom: All visitors
  • When: From a certain date until certain date or until the visitor does not close the announcement


Box on the side of the page. Offer your important content always at hand.

Useful for showing contacts, special offers like “Week of free shipping” or for reminding last viewed products.


Click following buttons to preview demo side boxes.

Click me Sidebox  

Hover me Sidebox  

Use cases

Example 1:
The visitor is selecting a new TV, but he visits several e-shops before he buys one. He’ll want to find the one that interested him the most, when he comes back.

Example 2:
The visitors buys groceries online regularly. With our Sidebox, he’ll see his favorite items at every visit.

sidebox v2

Custom HTML

Insert your HTML code in the page, and use Persoo for targeting the right segment.
Copy and paste your forms, videos or other content.

Simple set up

1  Content

Choose from ready-made templates or create your own

2  Targeting

Choose who, where and when will see the widget

3  Settings

Set up conversion targets, frequency and capping
and run the widget

Make your own conditions

You can set up your custom set of conditions according to your needs.

Smart targeting
Persoo collects data of visitor’s behavior and creates their profiles. This data can be then used for targeting.

Conditions available

  • Preferences – of categories, colors, brands, price ranges, destinations etc.
  • RFM metrics – lifetime value, last order, shopping frequency etc.
  • Visitor segments
  • Events
  • Page types
  • URL
  • Time conditions
  • Basket status
  • AND and OR operators
  • + more
conditions example

A/B test and experiment

Anything in Persoo can be A/B tested. Do you want to test a different image or message? It’s simple with Persoo.

ab test screenshot

Detailed statistics

Watch impressions and CTR of any campaign

Measure, how each widget contributed to the overall revenue in various attribution models.

If the widgets also contains products, we measure, if the visitor clicked them and purchased them.

Creation of custom widgets and templates

Write or modify a template for your custom widget, so it fits in your site. Creating new campaigns is then super-easy.

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