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Personalized emailing

Address the right customers in the right time.
Show them products they are interested in.

Care about the customer and increase their loyalty.
Offer them something useful.

Persoo Trigger e-mails create personalized content for each customer automatically, according to his history and preferences.

Persoo analyzes the visitor’s behavior and creates profiles for all visitors. Based on this information, it sends automatic, personalized e-mails.

  • Automate – Persoo campaigns work 24/7, automatically
  • Dynamic content – Display products, that the visitor interacted with or show relevant recommended products
  • Increase open rate and CTR – Personalized content inreases open rate by up to 60% and CTR by up to 180%
  • Wide targeting options, e.g. RFM and Life Time Value metrics
  • Enrich databases of your emailing tools with calculated segments, behavioral or demographic data
  • Connect Persoo with popular systems such as MailChimp, Silverpop or Apsis

Campaign types

Choose from pre-made templates or create your own

Save abandoned basket

According to Shopify, 67% of items added to basket is abandoned.
Nudge those almost convinced customers to complete the transaction!

Average Improvement of Key Metrics:

Conversion Rate
0.21 EUR
Revenue per Email (last click attribution)
4.35 EUR
Revenue per Email (30 day attribution)

More information

How it works:

The visitor places something in the basket, but does not complete the order. Persoo will send him an e-mail after specified time, that there is still something in the basket. 


If the visitor does not complete the purchase after the first reminder, you can send him another with some motivation (gift, discount etc.).

email abandoned basket

Notify visitors about discounts of products that interest them

Offer discounted products to visitors, that have shown interest in them, but did not buy them. Sales are now easier and more relevant with Persoo.

Average Improvement of Key Metrics:

Conversion Rate
0.4 EUR
Revenue per Email (last click attribution)
62.5 EUR
Revenue per Email (30 day attribution)

More information

How it works:

Every time the visitors views a product, Persoo remembers it. If the product is later significantly discounted, you can notify the customers, that the product is now on sale.

Other option:

Notify the visitor, that the sold-out product he saw is now in stock.

email discount

Offer after-purchase cross-sell

Thank your customers for their purchase and motivate them to return with relevant cross-sell offers.

More information

How it works:

The visitor buys a product (e.g. a smartphone). Persoo can send him an e-mail after a few days, offering related products (power bank, case, dock, memory card etc.).


E-mail content can include other products too. Bestsellers, sales, new arrivals can all bring the visitor back to the website.

What will it bring:

Increase in conversion rate without having to pay for expensive remarketing tools.

email crosssell

Reactivate customers

Bring back inactive customers with the right incentive! Segment reactivation e-mails by spending, time of last visit or preferences.

Simply choose the conditions in our editor. Sequence several e-mails for higher chance of success.

More information

How it works:

If the customer made a purchase but did not make a purchase or visit in the last N days, Persoo will send him an e-mail. This e-mail will contain relevant products or bestsellers and ideally also some incentive (e.g. a discount code). 


You can include a survey asking what was the reason for the visitor not returning.

email reactivation

Simple set-up

1  Content

Choose a template and edit the content.
Or create your own template.

2  Targeting

Choose who and when
gets the campaign.

3  Settings

Set up frequency, capping
and enable the campaign.

Set up custom conditions

You can set up any conditions you want in our editor.

Smart data-driven targeting
Thanks to information-rich Persoo Profiles, you can use a wide range of variables for campaign targeting.

Condition options

  • Preferences – category, color, brand, price range, custom parameters (e.g. author, destination, color, gender) etc.
  • RFM metrics – lifetitme value, last transaction, shopping frequency, etc.
  • Visitor segments
  • Events
  • Page type
  • URL
  • Time conditions
  • Basket status
  • Multiple conditions connected by AND/OR
  • And more
conditions example

A/B test and experiment

Anything in Persoo can be A/B tested. Do you want to try various content or other campaign targeting? It’s easy to compare performance with our A/B tests.

ab test screenshot

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