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Know your customers

and react to their needs

What does Persoo do?

Persoo tracks data of visitors and creates their profiles.
It then uses this data in personalized on-site offers, personalized e-mails, remarketing or BI tools and elsewehere.

1 Learns about visitors

Persoo stores the interaction history of every visit and transaction. Each visitor has his profile with this information.

2 Intelligently chooses

Persoo decides about the best offer for each visitor. It can choose the right product, argument or ad, and show it in the right moment to influence the transaction.

3 Actively sells

Persoo changes the site’s content in real-time, displays targeted ads, sends e-mails, triggers chats, sends data to the CRM and helps with navigation or with finding favorite products. 

How does Persoo work?

Visitor profiles

Persoo receives events (from the website, server or elsewhere), stating what happened, what was clicked, displayed, bought etc. For example:

  • A new visitor came from Google campaign XY
  • He searched for “iPhone 7”
  • He viewed product “iPhone 7” in the category
  • He bought product “iPhone 7”

Reaction to those events can be displaying a banner, a pop-up window, showing product recommendations or sending an e-mail. It can even be a webhook request.

Persoo logic


Persoo works with people, not browsers. It can merge profiles from multiple devices into one profile under one ID (e.g. e-mail).

More info

If a visitor identifies (by logging in, completing a transaction or visiting from e-mail) on any device, his data will automatically start flowing into his profile.

No matter if he uses a phone browser or a desktop, the events go to the same profile. Therefore e.g. “Last viewed” products are collected and displayed across devices.

Merge history. If two until now anonymous profiles are identified with one e-mail, Persoo will retrospectively merge their history.

Conflict resolution. If another visitor uses the same device and identifies himself, Persoo will automatically switch and start recording the behavior into this new visitor’s profile. The data collected prior to identification stay attributed to the previous profile.

multiple devices

Today’s customer uses multiple devices. Works on a laptop, reads e-mails on the phone and browses at home on a tablet.

Real time reactions

Speed matters. The visitor can leave in one click.

There is a big difference between gathering data and processing them until the next day, or reacting real-time.

Persoo is desinged to respond to events in real-time, thanks to caching.

What data are in profiles?

Among others:

Affinities – affinity to products, categories, brands, colors, authors etc. The more interactions with the parameter, the higher the affinity.

RFM metrics – the usual metrics including sessions, transactions, monetary value and their times.

Preferences – if one affinity is significantly higher than the others, it is determined, that the visitor strongly prefers this brand/category/product etc.

Custom variables/tags – profiles can contain any information defined by you.

More data – such as session source, CRM tool data, and other.

profile data

Use the knowledge of the customer

It’s easy with Persoo Profiles

Offer targeting: display tailored messages to the right people in the right time
Recommendations: show relevant products
Favorites: pre-filled preferred fields of filters, payment method etc.
Remarketing Campaign Targeting: leverage power of Persoo Profiles data in your campaign tools.

Smart targeting in all communication channels

Be creative! Marketing is about an idea, simple realization and testing and subsequent automation.

Target on any data stored in the Visitor Profiles.

Send the data anywhere (through on-site data layer during any pageview, easily using CSV/JSON exports, through our API ).

Enhance your remarketing campaign targeting – send data (segments, also your custom calculated) to your campaign tools like Google Adwords, Adform, Google Analytics etc., and use specific ad scenarios for each segments there. RFM metrics, Affinities, Preferences, Custom variables/tags …

You can A/B test anything (through our A/B testing tool).

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