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Lightning-fast and relevant search results improve the customer experience and increases revenue

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  Try searching: in multiple product parameters, typos, words with and without diacritics …

Good search is not only a trend, but a necessity.
Don’t let your visitor get lost and search for the product they want.
That’s our job.

  • Lightning speed
    Speed matters; suggest results with each character written
  • Search in multiple fields
    Title, description, brand, category, color and other (even your custom)
  • Typo corrections
    Even if you mistype “iPhone” for “iphne”, we will still find it
  • Character understanding
    Whether you write “cliché” or “cliche” the results are the same
  • Personalize search
    Remember previous searches, record preferences. For query “shoes”, Persoo will know what gender to show first
  • Ordering Results
    Prioritize products if they are e.g. in stock
  • Regard statistics
    Prioritize bestsellers, trending or other parameters

Lightning speed

Speed matters. Google’s studies show that faster web page loading increase conversions.

The results are so fast that we can even rewrite them every time you press the key.

  • Top Cloud Search Technology
  • Faster rendering of results in the browser thanks to React technology
  • The results can be displayed as soon as the visitor starts typing in the search box. You do not have to wait until your server reloads the page where we put the results
Persoo Search - Fast Speed

Personalized results

Hundreds of products are relevant to the general query “shoes”. Which to show first?

Regard product statistics –  we’ll show top sellers for new visitors.

Regard preferences gained from previous visiors’ behavior on the web. E.g. for phrase “shoes” we show:

  • Men’s shoes to men, women’s shoes to ladies
  • We will put a favorite brand in the first place
  • We will accurately estimate the price level. We will not offer a no name low-cost watch to the man who was interested in the Rolex watch.
Persoo personalized search

Rich filters and facets

Even if everything can be entered into a full-text query, the user wants to see which parameters can refine the search. It often refines search multiple times – combines filters and completing a full-text query.

  • We only show filters that make sense for found products
  • For each option, we show how many of the products found have the property
  • The filters can be as many as you want – breakdown by parameter values, choice of colors, brands, categories, sizes, price slider, etc.
  • Fit the filters as a custom made kit.
Persoo Search Rich Filters

We will find more

When a visitor searches and finds nothing, he does not buy anything. That’s why we try to increase the number of queries with relevant results.

  • Typo corrections – is Mielle or Miele written? Adidas or Addidas?
  • Word inflection
  • Diacritic – quietly write without diacritics
  • Understanding the main product type, such as “iPhone” to view iPhones and not just a thousand iPhone covers or pouches
Persoo Search typos

Simple set up

1  Web

Insert the Javascript snippet
to all pages

2  Products

Insert the link to the product feed
(Google Merchant or custom)

3  Logic

Use the ready-made template, select the location
and enable the search

Modern design

As soon as it is turned on, the search results widget appears

  • Fully responsive design on both the mobile and desktop
  • Full-page mode option where we optimize the number of columns between the left and right edge of the screen (alignment of the number of products in the last row)
  • Full customization possible. Add custom product template to HTML, class names for filters, custom CSS and more …


Measure significant metrics about your search results. Only then you can improve.

  • Which phrases do not match any results?
  • What queries do most visitors write to fulltext? Which filters do they use most often?

Report search results to your Analytics: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager etc. Besides the search phrase and filters send there also the number of results found.

Easy installation with plug-ins

Persoo Plugin for Prestashop
Persoo Plugin for Magento
Persoo plugin for WooCommerce

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