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Partner Programm options

Persoo offers two types of partnership:

  1. Implementation partner
  2. Technological partner

Implementation partner

Implementation Partners are companies, that implement and set up Persoo with their clients. They usually are marketing agencies, web agencies, consulting companies etc.

If the end client requires implementation of Persoo or a realization of personalization scenarios, he’ll communicate solely with the Implementation Partner.

Persoo provides support to it’s Implementation Partners, together with consulting services.

Implementation partners receive a portion of client’s monthly payments for Persoo (inquire in an e-mail for more information).

Technology Partner

Technology Partners are companies, that integrate Persoo in their solutions, or create and maintain plugins into other systems.

The reward of Technology Partners is determined by the type of integration. In specific cases, we can establish a separate VPC cloud on AWS, that will run solely your traffic.


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