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We are switching to a better customer support

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We Are Switching To A Better Customer Support

We are constantly improving. After many innovations in recent months (mainly in Persoo platform itself), we’re making another step and bringing you a better service in the form of a new helpdesk system.

How does it work?

Write us your requests to A ticket will be automatically created and assigned to the responsible person. All communication will be handled through e-mail, as until now.

All tickets in one place

With the first contact e-mail will come also the register link into our helpdesk. When you log in, you’ll see all the conversations (tickets), that you’ve had with us.

What are the advantages?

  • Speeding up – we’ll manage the client’s requests faster, since anyone from the team can answer them
  • Overview of the client’s status
  • History – overview of all the tickets with their resolutions
  • Measuring KPIs of how fast we react. What can be measured can be managed.
  • Feedback – client can provide us feedback on how he was satisfied with the communication

We believe this system will make your experience with us even smoother.

With regards,
Team Persoo

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