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We will be speaking at Email Marketing Online Summit 2016

We Will Be Speaking At Email Marketing Online Summit 2016

Watch us online on Thursday 29.9. at 19:00 CET from the comfort of your couch. Just register here and learn more about the possibilities of automated marketing.


It may have occurred to you, that you’d have the best impact, if you could write an e-mail to each of your customers individually. But how to do that in reality? You can either outsource that to thousands of workers in developing countries, or you can use something cheaper, more effective and measurable, which is automated personalized emailing campaigns.

Information on visitor behavior is collected in visitor profiles (what he viewed, bought, RFM metrics, price range, brand preferred etc.) and then used to send the right e-mails in the right time. Leave it to the system to choose the right products.

We’ll be talking about what to watch out for when implementing this solution (e.g. one visitor can, and will, use multiple devices). We’ll also go through some real world case studies.

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